About me…

I am an avid book lover. Different genres attract my attention, but I mainly read reading Fantasy and Science Fiction (and their many subgenres). However, I also enjoy a David Baldacci for example.

I do a lot of reading, but it does not end there.

Besides reading, I also like to digitize books. Slowly but surely, I am digitizing my own library. This is only for personal use and I will not distribute these books to others (so don’t bother asking…). My focus mainly lies at books with low probability that they will be converted into an e-book by publishers, because the market for it is too small. To prevent loss of the books, I’ll do it myself.

I encounter various (strange) things in this journey. If I think these is interesting, I will write an artivle on those.

To make my life easier, I have made a number of tools. These can be found here and be used freely. Some tools are not mine, especially several cheatsheets.

Do not expect to be able to download books on this blog. There are no books here nor will there be books here in the future. I am more than willing to help with all sorts of questions about e-books, but do not expect any help / advice / tips / etc about topics that might be illegal like the sharing of books, removing DRM, etc.

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