Check Spelling


This is an alternative spelling checker. It will find all words that are incorrectly spelled according to the Word spelling engine of the Hunspell spelling engine. Suggestions are usually given for potentially wrong spelled words. A filter can be used at the top to reduce the list of misspelled words. Two checkboxes at the bottom can control the list of misspelled words. With one checkbox the list can be transformed to a list of all words in the document (caution: this can take some time) and the other if the list should be case sensitive. By default the list is case sensitive.

Words that are correctly spelled, present on the ignore list or present in the custom dictionary will be labelled as misspelled and placed on the list. The spelling procedure will make use of the default Word Exclusion files for that language. These Exclusion files contain words that will be labelled as misspelled although the deemed correctly according to spelling engine.

When a word is selected, the text will shift to the first occurrence. With the ‘Find next’ button the text will be shifted to the next occurrence.

An alternative spelling can either be selected from the suggestions or by manual entry and replaced everywhere in the text. It will only replace words, not a portion of a word. It is also possible to adjust the text itself outside the spelling checker window. If a word is replaced, the last replace action can be undone.

Words can be placed on an Ignore list. This list is per session and is not retained if the spelling procedure is closed. The Ignore list can be edited (or emptied completely) with the pencil button.

User dictionaries can be selected. User dictionaries contains words that are correctly spelled, but would be labelled as incorrectly spelled normally. A different user dictionary can be selected ‘on-the-fly’. Only the selected user dictionary is active. If words are added to an user dictionary, it wil be added to the selected dictionary.

Right-clicking on a word in the list, will cause a context menu to pop-up. Several options are available there. For one it contains the list of suggestions for replacement. Other options are putting the word on the ignore list or add the word to the Dictionary. In case the checkbox for all words is active, there is also an option to add the word to the Exclusion Dictionary. It is also possible to copy the word to the clipboard or save the complete list to a CSV file. The delimiter if the CSV file is a semi-colon.