Settings → Replace


In this tab there are multiple options. The document with Search and Replace rules and rulesets can be specified here. A basic international version can be found on the site. The Dutch version has many more rules (more than 140) that perhaps can be used for inspiration.

In this document there are different rulesets with rules. The rulesets will be executed in the specified order. In the chapter on this procedure the structure of the document is described. The document must be set, otherwise the procedure will not start.

The document with the rulesets and replace rules can be edited with the corresponding button. For more details about the editing mode, see Settings → Replace → Edit Search/Replace

In the document you can set an option if a search/replace rule can be run without confirmation. If this is the case, the last option in this tab will not ask if this option must be executed, it will get executed automatically.

The document can be either in DOCX/DOC format as specified above or an XML formatted file. The XML formatted file can be processed faster. There is a button to automate the conversion from a Word document based Search/Replace document to a XML based document. The XML will be validated and an error will be given if the schema is not correct. The specifications for this XML file is mentioned in the appendix: Appendix → Search/Replace XML file. The specs of the DOCX file is also referenced in the appendix here: Appendix → Search/Replace DOCX file.

The S/R routine uses an XML internally. There is a button to enforce the creation of that internal (temporary) XML file. There is a button to enforce a refresh of that XML file each time the S/R routine starts. However, by default this button is disabled due to the automatic monitoring. When the file is changed, either via the editor or outside the editor, the conversion will take place in the background. This monitoring can be disabled by setting the variable TOX_EPUBTOOLS_MONITORING to 0.