Settings → HTML Export


This screen has all the settings that can be done to control the generation of HTML.

  • Backup file under different name
    Before the conversion, the document will be saved. This option will allow control over the name.
  • Remove bold
    Before export all the bold is replaced by normal formatting.
  • Remove underline
    Before export all the underline is replaced by normal formatting.
  • Use <em> and <strong>
    Use <em> and <strong> instead of <i> and <b>.
  • Retain Right alignment
    With this all the right alignment is retained, as long as this is not part of the named style.
  • Retain own stylenames
    When your own styles are used in Word, you can mark them at the beginning of the export procedure. These stylereferences are then maintained during HTML created.
    The styles themselves are not created in the stylesheet! Only the names/references are retained.
  • Use SVG for equations
    When there are equations or formulas in the document, these can be in exported and used in the SVG format instead of a bitmap.
  • Remove bookmarks
    If there are bookmarks, they can be removed before exporting. These can sometimes be made by ABBYY.
  • Style for smallcaps
    Smallcaps are not supported on the most standalone readers. This can be circumvented by using a style for this and define the formatting in your stylesheet. By default this stylename is scaps, but another name can be used.
  • Name Stylesheet
    In the exported HTML file a link will be made with this stylesheet name. This file does not have to exist. If no filename is entered, no link will be created.
    No stylesheet will be created!!! In the export ePUB procedure it is possible to generate a stylesheet.
  • Endnote Numbering Style
    Different style of note numbering can be used. Options are: numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, lowercase roman numerals, uppercase roman numerals and symbols.
  • Ignore HTML Check
    If this setting is enabled there will be no check to see if the HTML conversion is already performed. This must be used with caution and it is strongly advised to keep the check enabled as it can cause issues with both the HTML conversion and ePUB export.
  • Remove Hidden Text
    Remove any hidden text when available. If this is not set, hidden text will be visible after the conversion.