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There are many different styles of quotation marks, sometimes even more in one language. Here the used quotation marks of the book can be set.

Select here the quotation marks to be checked. Only one of each type (double, single, angle) can be selected. If a certain style is to be skipped, it can be set to None.

Since the various types of brackets usually come in pairs as well, these can also be checked by the procedure.

In some languages have a special type of marking for multiple paragraph quotations. When the quotation continues on the next line, no closing quote is set but a new open quotation on the next line is set. For those books an option can be activated, so that in that case these quotation marks will be tagged and restored after the procedure. This would avoid additional work and false hits.

In the default settings a message box is displayed before the check of a new quotation pair. This behaviour can be switched off, so no message box during the run of the procedure will be shown besides the normal questions.

By default an option screen will be shown for each found anomaly. From there either an suggested fix can be executed or a sidestep from the procedure to correct it manually. With option ‘Always break out in Check Dialogue procedure’ it skip the option screen and immediately go to the document for a manual fix.