Search & ReplaceΒΆ

This procedure executes a whole cycles of search and replace commands. These search and replace commands are stored in tables and can be grouped. There must be a document specifying the ruleset(s). This must be a Word document or a XML document. The appendix contains the structure of these documents. On the site there are examples of both the Word document and the XML document containing a number of example rules and rulesets. The XML version is strongly recommended. It will perform at a better speed.

The rules within a table will be executed in order. For each hit confirmation needs to be given for the replacement, unless specified otherwise. It is possible to sidestep temporary out of the procedure for manual corrections. A selective ignore or replace can be selected for each S&R hit. In that case, the exact same occurrence will be ignored or replaced for that specific S&R rule. If there are other hits for that rule, these will still be found.


If a sidestep for a manual correction is used, do not start another search/replace activity. This will cause either termination of the procedure or unforeseen issues.

If the execution is cancelled at the start of a new rule, the procedure can be continued at a later stage starting from that rule.