Execute the ePUBTools_xxx-setup.msi to install the add-on. It is strongly recommended that MS Word is not running at that time. If MS Word is running, it must be restarted before the ribbon will show up.


Start Word and if it is installed correctly, there is now a new ribbon with the name ePUB Tools. If Word 2007 is installed and the ribbon is not installed, it is likely that the VS2010 Tools for Office Runtime must also be installed. In some versions of Word these are installed by default.

The location changes every now and then. If so, look for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.

If the ribbon does not show, please look here:


Before the add-in can be used, the settings must be set. These settings control the add-in to ensure a minimum of interaction during execution. In general the settings only have to be set once. However, after upgrades there might be new features for which settings are required.

Press the button settings to configure the options.