Convert to HTMLΒΆ

This procedure changes the document into a clean HTML. The document will be saved automatically before the procedure starts. After the conversion the HTML document will be opened in Word. Changes to this document will be blocked. This can be deactivated, but be warned that changes to this HTML will not be transferred to the ePUB in the subsequent procedure.

The following elements will be converted:

  • Tables
  • Simple formatting
    • italic
    • bold
    • underline
    • strikethrough
    • subscipt
    • superscript
    • small capitals
  • Right alignment and centering (if not part of styles).
  • Simple lists (both ordered and unordered)
  • Images
  • Foot- and endnotes (footnotes will be converted to endnotes)
  • Hyperlinks (internal and external)
  • Bookmarks
  • Headers (if marked in Word document using Header styles)
  • Other/own styles (just the stylenames, not the formatting)