Check Dialogues

This procedure checks all dialogues/quotations in the document. Almost all kinds of quotation marks can be checked like double, single and angle. Missing quotation marks can be found with this procedure.

If a dialogue/quotation spans multiple paragraphs, a temporary paragraph mark can be inserted (<A>). At the end of the procedure this replaced into a real paragraph character again. In some languages a multiple paragraph dialogue/quotation the paragraphs after the first is started with a opening or closing quotation mark. For those cases an option can be activated, which causes these quotation marks to be tagged and restored after the procedure.

During the procedure some temporary codes will be used. When a manual adjustment is done, these can also be entered manually. At the end of the procedure this will changed into real quotation marks.

  • <> equals ’ (close single quotation mark of apostrophe)
  • <-> equals ‘ (open single quotation mark)

If a missing quotation mark is found a fix is suggested, depending on the situation. If this is not the correct action, a sidestep can be made for manual correction.


Be careful:

If a sidestep for a manual correction is used, do not start another search/replace activity. This will cause either termination of the procedure or unforeseen issues.