Check Accents

This procedure checks all words with an accented letter. Some are correct, but others might be the result of the OCR process. Correct words can be added to a temporary list. Words on this list will be ignored during the remainder of the procedure. At the end of the procedure these words are added to a permanent list. This list can be edited via the settings: Settings → Accents

The procedure has several activities. The following accented letters are checked:

  • âäàåáãÀÁÂÃÄÅ
  • èéêëÈÉÊË
  • ìíîïÌÍÎÏ
  • òóôõöÒÓÔÕÖØ
  • ùúûüÙÚÛÜ
  • ýÿÝ
  • ñç

The spelling of each word containing one of this letters must be confirmed or corrected. If the word has the correct spelling, it can be added to the permanent list.


Be careful:

If a sidestep for a manual correction is used, do not start another search/replace activity. This will cause either termination of the procedure or unforeseen issues.