From 1.26 to 1.27

  • New: Option te remove hidden text during conversion to HTML/ePUB

From 1.25.2 to 1.26

  • New: Option to skip confirmation messages when doing a ‘Replace’ action in Spellingcheck module
  • Update: Some small improvements in correcting quotes
  • Fix: NCX/Nav document not filled correctly. Last entry was not present
  • Fix: Word files originating from InDesign can cause issues
  • Fix: First group on Ribbon was not hidden when empty

From 1.25.1 to 1.25.2

  • Fix: Fixed bug that changes in visibility of Postprocess OCR and Fieldcodes buttons were not retained

From 1.25.0 to 1.25.1

  • Update: Scenedetection now also checkes for spacebefore paragraph setting
  • Update: Changed sorting order in spelling from CurrentCulture to Ordinal in case of German language. Should prevent issues in German for example with Masse and Maße
  • Fix: Conversion to HTML did not always work
  • Fix: Symbol procedure could not be hidden on the Ribbon

From 1.24.0 to 1.25.0

  • New: Option to set the icon for each button large or small
  • New: Space between paragraphs for scene detection can be adjusted
  • New: Button to insert special characters, right-click will place character on clipboard
  • New: Special characters in Insert Symbol procedure can be custom set
  • Update: Other method to check for open documents
  • Update: Only display if words are marked or not.
  • Update: Clear SR fields after mark procedure.
  • Update: Added ñ and ç to check accents procedure
  • Update: Reorganized the buttons in more logical order
  • Update: Small code improvements in ImportePUB
  • Fix: Fieldcodes button don’t stay dis-/enabled.
  • Fix: Location of form ‘Create Dictionary’ was not preserved

From 1.23.1 to 1.24

  • New: Multiple Mark files can be specified. Before executing the mark file can be selected
  • New: Option to structure notes in a table format(ePUB2 only)
  • Update: Moved exit procedure button in breakout screen for Check Dialogue
  • Update: Joined capitals will be handled correctly
  • Fix: The option to retain user styles for HTML conversion did not work if Word was not restarted for a new document
  • Fix: If subject field is empty, don’t add empty metadata tag
  • Fix: Changing a SR file not possible, extension is always wrong
  • Fix: In case an endnote spans more than one paragraph, either the additional paragraph or other notes might be missing
  • Fix: In case of ePUB2 do not use the aside tag

From 1.23.0 to 1.23.1

  • New: Started working on supporting multiple Mark files
  • Update: Changed some backgroundworkers for tasks for efficiency and used resources
  • Update: Enabled monitoring of SR and Mark file again. Changed backgroundworker to task
  • Update: Postpones writing to the logfile in parallel processes
  • Fix: Counter for mark tool did not work correctly
  • Fix: Error while creating NCX

From 1.22.0 to 1.23.0

  • New: Option to export to ePUB2 or ePUB3
  • New: Remove empty paragraphs with heading style during preparation
  • New: Option to preselect language of ePUB in the settings
  • New: option to (de)select all own styles in HTML conversion
  • New: In case of multiple authors (with & or , or ;) they will be added separately to ePUB
  • New: Multiple subjects can be added to the ePUB. Multiple subjects will be split on & and , and ;
  • New: Description and subjects are prefilled if they are available in documents metadata
  • New: Option to ignore the check if HTML conversion is already done
  • New: The file-as field can handle multiple authors
  • New: Option to switch between fieldcodes and fieldresults
  • New: Option to always side-step in the Check Dialogue procedure
  • New: Number of marks will be given for the mark procedure
  • Update: Subjects and description will be retrieved from ePUB during import
  • Update: Change the coding for the file insertion during import ePUB, should work if multiple documents are open.
  • Update: If there are no used custom styles, the pop-up to select custom styles will not show
  • Update: Document with SR rules will be opened as read-only
  • Update: More than two levels possible in NCX
  • Update: Improved file monitoring of SR file and Mark file
  • Fix: Preparation and convert quotes uses same routine, causing an additional messagebox in preparation phase
  • Fix: Empty headers will be ignored during preparation
  • Fix: Resizing the selection screen is now working correctly
  • Fix: Cancelling of the ePUB generation screen now works
  • Fix: A space in a Word stylename could cause issues during HTML conversion
  • Fix: If temporary XML SR File does not exist, the SR procedure could not always be started

From 1.21.0 to 1.22.0

  • New: Outside changes to the S/R file (and mark file when in the same directory) are detected automatically and processed
  • New: Procedure to run a single ruleset from S/R file
  • New: Environment variable TOX_EPUBTOOLS_ENVPATH to set application directory for working files
  • New: Environment variable TOX_EPUBTOOLS_MONITORING to enable/disable automatic monitoring of SR and Mark file
  • New: Button to break off Check Dialogue process in ‘Break’ form
  • Update: All languages can now be selected as base language for the ePUB
  • Update: Improved stability while starting and stopping
  • Update: settings are not available until some processes have finished to prevent conflicts
  • Update: Spelling form always in front
  • Update: code improvements and cleanup
  • Update: Logging now support async logging in case the logfile is busy
  • Update: Improved convert to smart quotes procedure, more situations handled
  • Fix: If the configuration file is corrupted, it will be repaired with default values
  • Fix: Closing Markfile editor should no longer break down, more logging added
  • Fix: Closing S/R editor should no longer break down, more logging added
  • Fix: If there is no default language set in the settings yet, keep it empty
  • Fix: If a link already contained escaped spaces, it was double escaped resulting in a missing stylesheet message while importing ePUB
  • Fix: Find next with no word selected can result in dump (Check Spelling)

From 1.20.4 to 1.21.0

  • Fix: Hide/show feature of mark procedure on ribbon did not work correctly
  • Fix: Old style language selection did not convert to new style correctly
  • Fix: The automated feature from Word to guess language overruled language settings in Preparation phase
  • Update: Made the editor mark file more robust with more error logging
  • New: some additional functions for internal usage

From 1.20.3 to 1.20.4

  • Fix: Tooltip for Mark tool
  • Fix: Cleanup of certain tags could cause mangling of text

From 1.20.2 to 1.20.3

  • Fix: Hotkeys in Check Spelling are now disabled when manual correction or filter box has focus
  • Fix: Check Spelling: list of words now only react to up/down keys instead of letter keys
  • Fix: Fixed correct hotkeys for Check spelling in Dutch

From 1.20.1 to 1.20.2

  • New: The table in the Mark editor can now be sorted
  • Fix: The up- and downbutton in the Mark editor now works as designed
  • Fix: Settings now allow an empty entry for the mark tag

From 1.20.0 to 1.20.1

  • Update: If no tag is entered for the mark procedure, only highlighting is used (if specified)
  • Fix: Import of ePUB with diacritic characters did not always work correctly

From 1.19.1 to 1.20.0

  • New: Added shortcut keys to the spelling procedure
  • New: Procedure to mark text based on an XML file
  • New: Mark text procedure can use color coding. It follows the colorcoding option in the preparation step
  • New: Colorcoding colors can now be selected.
  • New: Option to put word on exclusion list. Only when all words are displayed in spelling procedure.
  • Update: Moved the option to create custom dictionaries to the settings
  • Update: Added more logging to the spelling procedure
  • Update: Add to dictionary button
  • Fix: ensured that clipboard is cleared and no selection is active after closing of spelling procedure
  • Fix: The step in preparation for setting the language did not work after 1.19.0

From 1.19.0 to 1.19.1

  • Fix: Build number was not reflected in about screen and update check

From 1.18.0 to 1.19.0

  • New: Option to use SVG for equation/formulas in ePUB instead of images
  • New: Spelling procedure: Hunspell or the MS Word spelling engine can be used for the spelling procedure
  • New: Spelling procedure: filter can be used in list of misspelled words
  • New: Spelling procedure: Option to have list of misspelled words case-sensitive or not. Default is case-sensitive
  • New: Spelling procedure: Use culture specific order to sort the list of misspelled words
  • New: Spelling procedure: Option to undo last action
  • New: Spelling procedure: Context menu when right-click on a misspelled word
  • New: Spelling procedure: Word Spelling exclusion files are also used for Hunspell
  • New: Spelling procedure: Word options for ‘Ignore Uppercase’, ‘Ignore words with numbers’ and ‘ignore internet and file links’ are also used in add-in Spelling procedure. These options can also be changed in the settings
  • New: Spelling procedure: Custom Dictionaries can be created and used for both Word and add-in spelling procedure
  • New: Option to edit custom dictionaries
  • New: Spelling procedure: Save list as CSV (via context menu)
  • Fix: If a page break was in a TOC field, deletion of the page break in the preparation step would freeze
  • Fix: When validation of S/R XML fails, a more specific error is given instead of a crash
  • Fix: Translation of toggle ribbon button for quotes was not changed when language was changed
  • Fix: Shortcut keys did not work if a non-English or Dutch UI was used in some cases
  • Update: Spelling procedure: Ignore list can be edited or emptied completely
  • Update: Improved logging for S/R document changes
  • Update: newer version of supporting libraries
  • Update: Close background thread when closing Word (and thus add-in)
  • Update: Various speed improvements in Spelling procedure and setting screens
  • Update: Language in document can now be set to all languages in the Preparation step

From 1.17.0 to 1.18.0

  • New: Setting to prefill the checkbox for opening the ePUB after creation
  • New: Option to choose for <em> and <strong> instead of <i> and <b>
  • New: Equations in a document can now be exported as MathML, SVG or both.
  • New: Option to include font files used in Word styles if the stylesheet is generated.
  • New: Option to automatically convert to HTML when the export to ePUB procedure is started
  • Update: remove orphaned HTML tags
  • Fix: Selecting the stylesheet type for the ePUB did not work correctly

From 1.16.0 to 1.17.0

  • New: Option to enter ‘file-as’ name for author. It will be prefilled when the authorname is entered
  • New: Option to use the ‘file-as’ authorname as part of the ePUB filename
  • New: Option to use a monospaced font for the wordlist in Check Spelling routine. Size can also be adjusted.
  • Update: ABBYY sometimes incorrectly recognizes a number as start of a line as a numbered list. This is now handled in the Preparation routine
  • Update: retain blockquote in HTML while exporting. This only works for imported HTML files into Word in which the blockquote was not altered
  • Fix: A move of a ruleset in the S/R editor was not stored in the S/R files
  • Fix: Some layout fixes
  • Fix: Caption for button restored
  • Fix: Import ePUB could not handle stylesheets with spaces or %20 in the name
  • Fix: Create application directory %appdata%\Toxaris if it does not exist yet

From 1.15.0 to 1.16.0

  • New: Button to enforce creation of internal S/R XML file
  • New: Option to enforce creation of internal S/R XML file each time S/R routine is started
  • New: Option added to move rules between rulesets
  • Fix: New method for retrieving unique words in Check Spelling did not produce correct results
  • Fix: New S/R rules via the editor creates an invalid XML file
  • Fix: Conversion of S/R rules document to XML gives error if there is no description

From 1.14.1 to 1.15.0

  • New: Option to use XML file for Search/Replace instead of the Word document.
  • New: Added validation for the S/R XML files to ensure correct structure
  • New: Added button in settings form to force conversion of Search/Replace document to XML
  • Update: Adapted S/R editor to enable the new XML style

From 1.14.0 to 1.14.1

  • Update: Better progress indicator for the Check Spelling
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed bug that caused problems with saving the settings for some (again...)

From 1.13.0 to 1.14.0

  • New: Progress screen while processing the rulesets documents to inform user
  • New: Missing or new settings in settings file will be created (usually empty) while starting add-in to prevent issues when they are used
  • Update: Improved performance for saving while exiting S&R rulesets editor
  • Update: Improved performance in getting the list of misspelled words for DOCX documents
  • Update: More steps are logged now, especially in the save settings area
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed bug that caused problems with saving the settings for some
  • Fix: New procedure for S&R accidentally removed the check for the existence of ruleset document

From 1.12.2 to 1.13.0

  • New: Progress indicator while creating list of misspelled words
  • New: Added option in S&R rules for the ‘Whole Word’ option of Word
  • New: During S&R occurrences can be either ignored for the rest of the document or replaced for the rest of the document
  • Update: Better handling of media queries when importing ePUB
  • Update: Improved speed with S&R procedure when starting and moving to other rulesets and rules
  • Update: Reworked S&R rulesets editor. Works faster, but saving is slower
  • Fix: Ribbon now has its own ID to prevent mixing of multiple ribbons

From 1.12.1 to 1.12.2

  • Fix: Chapter break does not work correctly in case of styling
  • Update: other, less intrusive, method of enabling/disabling buttons in ribbon if there is no open document.

From 1.12.0 to 1.12.1

  • Fix: Program could hang if styles were not defined correctly or corrupted

From 1.11.0 to 1.12.0

  • Fix: Usage of certain pseudo-elements causes crash in import ePUB
  • Fix: When multiple ePUB’s were imported without restarting Word, books were mixed
  • Fix: endnotes would not work if a style was used and retained for the export
  • Fix: cleanup code from lists
  • Fix: If title is set in metadata, ensure it does not end up in html file
  • Fix: endnotes within smallcaps are lost
  • Update: do not use <u> tags, but <span style=”text-decoration: underline”>
  • Update: go to top document after importing
  • New: remove underline tags in links

From 1.10.0 to 1.11.0

  • Fix: Check version always reported a new version even if the latest was installed
  • Fix: Sometimes tags were left after dialogue procedure
  • Fix: Fixed wrong cover HTML if cover was a PNG
  • Fix: Import ePUB now gracefully handles @namespace in stylesheet
  • Update/Fix: Check Spelling: Better handling words that were followed by a special character
  • Update: Better handling of ListToText during preparation. Should now only target unordered lists that have a type of hyphen as bullet
  • Update: Before importing ePUB pagination is turned off. This will improve import when ePUB contains a larger number of XHTML files
  • New: Form for editing accents and smallcaps lists of words instead of relying on Notepad
  • New: writing of configuration file will additionally make a backup and a copy of the old settings.
  • New: Added ‘ignore’ option in the smallcaps check procedure to ignore words during session
  • New: Current open document can be closed before importing ePUB

From 1.9.0 to 1.10.0

  • Fix: Correctly export equations as PNG while creating ePUB
  • Fix: bug while exporting when no smallcaps to be retained
  • Fix: Handle situation when Word mangles stylenames during export
  • Fix: bug with cleanup styles with wrong message displayed
  • Update: possibility to abort check textboxes function during preparation phase
  • Update: handle export of direct unicode characters
  • Update: check update process in settings now background task to prevent blocking
  • New: CSS Selectors supported while importing ePUB (attributes must still CSS1 though)
  • New: Option to extract equations to MathML files
  • New: during export to HTML track changes/revisions and comments must be handled
  • New: marker buttons in breakout window dialogues

From 1.8.0 to 1.9.0

  • Fix: Form was not closed after button was pressed.
  • Fix: remove apostrophes as last character in words (Check spelling)
  • Update: After replacing in Check Spelling, next selected word is almost on top instead of bottom.
  • Update: missing mandatory metadata will not abort import ePUB
  • Update: moved some functions to helper library
  • New: Detect manual changes/status of automatic quotes option and adapts button on ribbon accordingly
  • New: automatic change of button labels when language changes
  • New: Buttons will be disabled if they cannot be used.
  • New: Buttons in ribbon can be hidden if not used
  • New: Import ePUB always in new document instead of current one
  • New: during the session the epub import directory will be remembered
  • New: Start of implementing logging

From 1.7.0 to 1.8.0

  • Fix: Replacement of paragraph tag by correct paragraph mark (Check Dialogues)
  • Fix: named entities in smallcaps was accidentally written in uppercase
  • Fix: Swapped the captions of two buttons (Yes to all/No to all) (List to text)
  • Fix: Detect small caps procedure crashed if selection was to big to fit on screen
  • Fix: List to text part of preparation procedure remembered incorrectly the action if a new document is opened
  • Fix: Move up/down of rulesets in edit S/R document were not saved
  • Fix: ensure file has been saved at least once before exporting to HTML
  • Update: If smallcaps needs to be retained, a smallcaps class must be entered in the settings (convert HTML)
  • Update: Insert paragraph marker only when paragraph mark is found (Check Dialogues)
  • Update: Halved the number of message boxes in Check Dialogues procedure
  • Update: inform user that changes to rulesets must be saved before changing
  • New: Option to turn off information message boxes in Check Dialogues procedure
  • New: Option to use original Word document name for ePUB name
  • New: Reworked forms for Windows users that have a screen setting of more than 100%
  • New: Option to handle the addition quotes for quotation spanning multiple paragraphs

From 1.6.1 to 1.7.0

  • Fix: Check images does not always show selected image
  • Fix: Links to images instead of embedded images break HTML conversion
  • Fix: Selection on screen in smallcaps procedure does not match actual selection
  • Fix: Smallcaps and sub-/superscript procedure no longer runs twice
  • Fix: Potential words for smallcaps identification procedure improved. Punctuation at the end no longer part of suggestions.
  • Update: Changed all forms and dialogs to a more uniform and modern standard. Some dialogs are extended.
  • Update: If there is no document open, certain buttons will not work.
  • Update: Improved trimming for smallcaps selections
  • New: Option to save document before HTML conversion under a different name instead of the original name
  • New: Additional option for ‘check dialogue’ procedure to also check for complete sets of the various types of brackets
  • New: Option to import an ePUB2 into Word
  • New: Option for ‘selective ignore’ during a S&R action
  • New: Alternative spelling checker
  • New: Automated removal of soft hyphens during preparation phase, before spelling check and after importing an ePUB
  • Fix/New: If the symbols are inserted from symbol font or via ‘Insert Symbol’ function, these will be converted correctly to unicode in ePUB generation

From 1.6.0 to 1.6.1

  • Fix: If a custom (own) stylesheet was never selected in a previous version, selecting did not show option to select your own stylesheet.
  • Fix: Settings with radiobuttons are not saved when not changed first
  • Fix: Entering wrong series number now fails gracefully
  • Update: The check if the HTML conversion has been done is now before showing the ePUB creation form.
  • Update: non-breaking space are handled as spaces in the smallcaps procedure.
  • New: Option to close Word after creation of ePUB
  • New: Option to prefill Author and Title field with metadata from document

From 1.5.1 to 1.6.0

  • New: When own styles needs to be maintained, a stylesheet can be generated based on the styles. These are basic. This function is experimental and probably needs tuning.
  • New: Option screen totally revised to make it more friendly and flexible.
  • New: exported ePUB can be with or without DOCTYPE declarations. Calibre Editor does not uses DOCTYPE declarations.
  • New: Created ePUB can be openend when created with default program for ePUB or another if supported by that program
  • New: Added tooltips for the buttons on the bar
  • New: procedure to check all images. Useful when there are leftovers from OCR
  • New: procedure to ‘smarten’ punctuation. By request. It is essentially a combination of existing functionality.
  • Update: Tabs are converted to spaces by default. A tab has no meaning in HTML and an ePUB
  • Update: Changed name to ePUB-Tools consistently
  • Update: List to text function is now an option. It is asked whether the list should be converted.
  • Update: When checking for update (via button) a message will be displayed if there is no new version
  • Update: In the Small Caps procedure it also takes multiple words and sentences
  • Fix: sometimes font declarations remained in the HTML
  • Fix: several issues with maintaining custom styles
  • Fix: Speeded up selection of own styles to maintain for HTML export a bit
  • Fix: body tag missing in saved HTML
  • Fix: If source was a HTML document, duplicate ‘alt=’ classes were inserted for images.
  • Fix: Run check update only once when opening settings
  • Fix: all procedures report when finished

From 1.5.0 to 1.5.1

  • Fix: In some cases the last endnote disappeared.

From 1.4.3 to 1.5.0

  • New: Procedure to check current smallcaps and for words that might need to be smallcaps. A list of words that always need to be smallcaps is possible.
  • New: Procedure to check all sub- and superscript occurrences. Either the formatting of the occurrence or the occurence itself can be removed.
  • New: icon to insert scenebreak marker
  • New: icon to insert splitmarker
  • New: Book can be splitted per chapter (header styles) and/or own splitmarker in ePUB. Sigil splitmarks are still possible, but will not split automatically.
  • New: When splitting on header styles, splitmarkers are also honoured
  • New: When splitting endnotes can be set as separate file or at end of each chapter
  • New: Simple nested TOC (ncx) is created. Nesting per splitted file, not in total.
  • New: Added french as output language for ePUB metadata
  • New: HTML document is closed after the ePUB is created.
  • New: HTML conversion cannot run twice on the same document
  • Update: Messagebox in dialogue procedure is shown before action is executed
  • Update: Changed icons for most options
  • Update: Changed tabs for settings screen for easier navigating
  • Update: Changed messagebox after HTML conversion so it is clear it is information, not an error
  • Fix: removed empty bookmarks that were a leftover of HTML conversion process
  • Fix: Added alt=”” to links to be compliant to ePUBCheck
  • Fix: Changed slashes of filepaths
  • Fix: no crash when duplicate images are used
  • Fix: No longer use <s> for strikethrough
  • Fix: Own styles with underscore or spaces are not maintained. Converted to name without underscore of space.
  • Fix: Settings for tagging were not retrieved, rendering the procedure unusable

From 1.4.0 to 1.4.3

  • New: Option to choose the endnote numbering style (symbols, roman numerals, numbers or letters)
  • New: Quotation marks to be checked during the dialogue procedure can be selected
  • Fix: New Search/Replace rules were not stored in the S/R document
  • Fix: Some hyperlinks could not be removed and caused a crash
  • Fix: Orphan tags or wrong formatting in HTML/ePUB when the source is particularly badly formatted
  • Fix: Maintain right-alignment can cause other paragraphs also to be right aligned.

From 1.3.8 to 1.4.0

  • Fix: Settings are not always well preserved between updates and are sometimes forgotten by the application
  • Fix: Screen locations are not always kept
  • Fix: Lists are now well recognized if they are numbered lists or not
  • Fix: No use of <center> more, since it is obsolete and no longer supported
  • Fix: Export of images from Word should now work. Word is still no good source for images.
  • Fix: The conversion to HTML is much faster, up to 80%
  • New: Align Right can be preserved if they are not in a (custom) style
  • New: Complex tables with merged cells are now possible
  • Update: HTML Conversion total revised
  • New: Edit screen for new rule sets and search / replace commands. Be found in the settings screen