Appendix → Used libraries

For the Word add-in I have made use of several libraries and programs already available. Some of those were modified or adapted.

  • AmazingProgressBar
    This library is from Graham Wilson and is available the Amazing Progress Bar Control.
  • NameParserSharp
    This is a C# version of the Python nameparser library. It is available on the NameParserSharp github page.
  • NHunspell
    A .Net wrapper of the Hunspell library. More information at the homepage of NHunspell.
  • HTMLAgilityPack
    A parser for HTML that builds a DOM. Available at the HTML Agility Pack page on Codeplex.
    The conversion of the equations to SVG is done with the python program SVGMATH.
  • VDialog
    This library was to create Vista TaskDialogs. The original VDialog was heavily adapted and renamed to TDialog.
  • ZipStorer
    This library to read and write ZIP files was created by Jaime Olivares. More information at the ZipStorer page on CodePlex.