Appendix → Filelocations

The add-in uses various files and directories. By default they reside in the directory %appdata%\Toxaris. However, that location can be changed by setting the environment variable TOX_EPUBTOOLS_ENVPATH to the directory of choice. If this directory does not exist, it will be created.

In this appendix the used files and directories are specified.

  • Accentwordlist
    The file is called accentwoorden.txt.
  • Configuration settings
    The file is called ePUBTools.cfg. The previous configuration file is saved as ePUBTools.old and a backup of the configuration file as ePUBTools.backup. If the configuration file becomes corrupted, the corrupted settings will be recreated with the default values.
  • Smallcaps wordlist
    The file is called smallcaps.txt.
  • Hunspell dictionaries
    The Hunspell dictionaries are/must be stored in the directory %appdata%\Toxaris\Lang.
  • Custom dictionaries
    The custom dictionaries are expected either in the directory %appdata%\Toxaris\Userdic or added to the Word Custom Dictionaries in the Word Spelling Options.
  • Logfile
    A logfile named ePUBToolsLog.log will be created at each start of Word. The old logfile will be renamed to ePUBToolsLog.old.