ePUB Tools – Word add-in

This is the MS Word add-in ‘ePUB Tools’. This toolkit will help you create e-books from MS Word documents. With these tools the document can be cleaned and corrected. Not only a lot of OCR errors can be found and fixed, but also checked if dialogue/quotations have both an opening and closing quote.

Other tools are for example exporting ePUB directly from Word and importing ePUB into Word, finding words that might be in small caps and much more.

Current version is: ePUBTools 1.16.2 (January 19th – 2016)

Installation instructions: The setup is a setup.msi. If no ribbon appears after installation, please also install the VSTO 2010 runtime. The current (January 6th 2014) location of the VSTO 2010 runtime is here.

Issues and feature requests can be tracked here: issues
When creating a new issue, please also leave your contact information. This will help with solving the errors and create the ability for feedback. Without this information solving is usually almost impossible. You can also take a look at the support page for common issues.

Manual: online.

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