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Voor de Nederlandse versie kijk hier.

This is the main page of the MS Word add-in ‘e-Book Tools’. This toolset will help you create e-books from MS Word documents. This e-books are not yet ready for publication, but provide a solid base for post activities for example in Sigil. The HMTL produced by this add-in is clean and much better than the HTML export function in Word itself.

Some of these procedures are based on the Word macro’s of Rode Draak. He deserves some credit for his great work!

Current version is: 1.6.1 (18-06-2014) Icon of ePUB Tools (english) ePUB Tools (english) (1.1 MB)

It was reported to me that Google Chrome reports the file as potential malicious. This is of course rubbish and very annoying. Unfortunately there is no way for me to contact Google to report them there is a false positive and that they should fix it. Chrome is kind of notorious with this.
Download with other browsers do not give any issues. If you don’t trust it, you can always check the downloaded file with [url=http://virustotal.com]Virustotal[/url]. It will thoroughly test it and you can see it is clear.
I hope the download will work as it should after the next Chrome update. I will also try to keep contacting Google about this problem.

Installation instructions: The setup is a setup.msi. If no ribbon appears after installation, please also install the VSTO 2010 runtime. The current (April 29th 2014) location of the VSTO 2010 runtime is here.

Issues and feature requests can be tracked here: issues

Manual :Icon of Manual EPUBTools Manual EPUBTools (4.7 MB) or online.

Replace rules (required for the Search&Replace procedure): Icon of Replacerules Replacerules (63.5 KB)

If you like this tool and want to make a donation, that is fine by me!
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